Hey Hey,

I’m Shaylie. I wear many hats as you will notice once you have a look around in my little corner of the internet.

I am a holistic transformation coach, energy healer and virtual assistant. 32690362_10155888644753860_1015062138261078016_n

Getting to know me a little…

I am a mama to two little wildlings, a fiance to a bearded beast (not literally but he does have long hair and a beard), two dogs and two cats. Oh and a Turtle.

I have been through many ups and downs like we all do. I was a binge drinker, depressed, quit every job I ever had, got divorced and became a single mum at a young age. Met the bearded dragon, he healed my wounds, got engaged, got another dog and had a baby and here we are.

Phew, What a mouthful. I don’t want to talk about me to much. Because this journey is about YOU!

I have felt all the feels, been through the motions, tried all the things and I truly believe that I can help you get to where you need to be

There is only one step to take and that is to START.

Let’s dive in head first and design that life you dream of.

Love & Llight

Shaylie xx