Boss Ladies – Read these books!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE books. My collection has gotten way out of hand. To the point where I have had to with great sorrow make my collection smaller ( I blame my fiance).

Other than the usual genre of books that we all love (Yes, I love Nicolas Sparks and NO I am not ashamed), I am also obsessed with self development and business books.

So, I figured that I might as well share what my faves are in-case there are more book junkies out there looking for some new inspo.

I have chosen a few that I believe are amazing for the lady boss babes out there.

You Are A Badass – Jen Sincero


I think by now, everyone has heard of this book. If you haven’t I would suggest coming out from that rock and getting a hold of a copy on the ASAP. Jen has a wicked sense of humor, super chilled way of looking at life and her hippy mentality is a big win for me. This booked is super motivating, empowering and I highly recommend it.

You Are A Badass At Making Money – Jen Sincero 

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This is Jen’s follow up book and if you suck at money and have a shit mindset regarding the coin then this is another great one for you.

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert


I LOVED this book. It was so different to all the other business related books that I have read. If you loved her book Eat Prey Love (another one you should read) then I truly think you will love this one.

Who Says You Can’t, You Do – Daniel Chidiac


It took me a while to actually read this one, but once I started I finished it within two days. It is straight to the point, enlightening and will make you look at things from different angles. If you have a mindset of ‘I can’t’ then you need to read this.

Little Black Book – Otegha Uwagba

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AHHH! This is such a cute book. You can read this baby within a day! It is packed full of amazing info from managing money, writing up contracts and even links to websites for the creative boss babes to get sourced out.

Unf**k Yourself – Gary John Bishop 


If you like self help without the bullshit then this book is GREAT.

Jab Jab Jab Right Hook – Gary Vaynerchuk


This is a great book for those who need to learn the Social Media. Also, Gary is a freaking legend if you don’t know him you have to check out his FB.

Crushing It –  Gary Vaynerchuk


Mandatory reading for all business people in my opinion.

Daring and Disruptive – Lisa Messenger


I think Lisa is super badass and love her honest and inspiring journey in the entrepreneur world.

I mean..I could seriously add like 20 more books. But these ones really left some kind of “holy feck” affect on my brain.

Would love to hear your recommendations. Send me a comment or come hang with me on the The Gram  .

Until next time,

Shaylie x

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