Girl Boss Interview – Miss Demi Price

Demi Price is the founder of Miss Demi Price and a 22 year old power


house. She has been travelling with her partner for nearly a year and is currently based in New Zealand.

Demi has a world of knowledge and comes with a truth bomb and genuine attitude. For 22 years old this girl boss has done some amazing things.
+ Published author

+ Booked out business coach

+ Sales queen

+ Mental health advocate

What is your business?

I am a Business Coach for Female Entrepreneurs.

How did you start?

I started out in the network marketing industry after realising the 9-5 grind wasn’t for me. I realised I loved mentoring women far more than selling products, and so I shifted into coaching

What are the benefits of social media for your business?

Social Media is where I do all of my business right now. I have a website but it’s mainly there for credibility purposes. I do 100% of my marketing and connecting via social media.

Who is your business inspiration?

I have many, my first inspirations came from my family. My dad runs a successful trade business and seeing the freedom and income he built was definitely inspiring. My granddad ran a coal business, so I guess it’s in my blood. Even my little brother (he’s 16), buys and sells clothing online.

Who’s Instagram account are you obsessed with?

Oh gosh, so many. For business, i love Jenna Kutchers account. The aesthetic just lights up my soul and her content is super inspiring.

Tell us 3 funny facts about you?

I’m allergic to pretty much everything (including the color blue) I have a unicorn obsession but I don’t voice it because I loved them before they were cool My name in French means “half” so i was coined with the name “half price” in school.

Follow Demi on her journey here |





You can also check out Jenna Kutcher here (who is also one of my BIG faves)
Instagram – Jenna Kutcher

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