If you don’t have a ‘switch off’evening routine. Then you’re doing it wrong!!

If you don’t have a ‘switch off’evening routine. Then you’re doing it wrong!!

I’m not about to pretend that I am a expert and being super chill and I’m certainly an expert in rushing, hustling and over doing it.

Running a business is hectic and eventually we burn out. Then your mind just feels like it’s going to explode.

Am I right? Of course I am.

I am all about being mellowed out in the evenings and I have no crested a list of things that I do to ensure that I can take a chill pill and switch off.

I know not everyone will have the same lifestyle and we will all have different ways of implementing things. I get that, I have two kids that are hectic AF. Sometimes I don’t even get to sit down until 10pm and then I ain’t about anything but sleep mode.

But just for the sake of me writing this blog, here are some great ways to create a relaxing evening for you!

  1. Switch off your phone or put it on DO NOT DISTURB. Shocking I know. But sometimes you need to step away and stop putting others first. You deserve to take a break. Your clients should and will respect your time if you do.
  2. No TV or news before bed. I actually stay far away from the news. To be honest, it messes with my anxiety. Try and stay away from the box at least an hour before bed.
  3. Read at least 1 Chapter of your book. Just think, no phones, no TV. We would actually have time to do the old school things such as reading. Even better if it’s an actual book and not on Technical device. If you are more fancy and reading on devices then dim the light!!
  4. Mediation! I never used to be able to mediate. But now it’s one my favourite things to do. We will all have our own way of mediation’s. you have to find what works for you. Just as little of 5 minutes of complete peace and quiet will do your mind and soul wonders.
  5. Journalling, let everything from the day out on paper. Once it’s all out you can forget our it and move on. Try gratitude journaling but recording 5 things you are grateful for in your life from that day.
  6. Light candles and incense. This is the woo woo girl in me but there is nothing better for me than having my candles burning, salt lamp on and some amazing incense. Literally lights me up and takes me to a place of calmness.

Have a calming evening routine set up for yourself is such a great self care practice and in my opinion shouldn’t be negotiable. You will wake up feeling ready, refreshed and inspired to take on your day.

Shaylie x